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When Elvis Kissed Me

When Elvis Kissed Me

Elvis tribute artistI was invited to a luncheon today where Elvis was scheduled to appear, so of course I went. Elvis sang several songs, made a few self-deprecating jokes, and threw trinkets to the delighted audience. I was sitting right up front, and when he started to sing “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” he came and took my hand, looked me in the eyes, and sang to me. Then he kissed my hand and moved on.

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A Fowl Day

Today was clear, dry, and hot. The outside temperature reached 100 degrees today, which could be why we didn’t have fowl weather on such a fowl day. (Fowl weather, I imagine, is weather that gets the geese flying south for the winter.)

I’m no spring chicken, which is especially apparent on fowl days such as this. I’ve been running around like a …

chickenNope, I can’t say it. I’ve never seen a…

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What Hospice is and What Hospice is Not

What Hospice is and What Hospice is Not

With as prevalent as hospice has become, many people still don’t know what it is. It is not a place; it is not round-the-clock nursing services; and especially it is not a way of hastening the end for people with incurable diseases.

In my experience, hospice is a type of expanded nursing service, providing support — medical, emotional, and practical — for patients and their families admitted to…

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Nonagenarians and Non-Aging

People in their nineties are called nonagenarians. My mind always processes the word to mean “non-aging,” and to a certain extent, that is true. After 93, people seem to stop aging. In fact, when people are in their late nineties, they are no more likely to die than someone in their early nineties. I just checked an actuarial table,and it seems as if everyone in their nineties has a life…

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Life is Art

During the past three and a half years, ever since the death of my life mate/soul mate, I’ve been contemplating the meaning of life, death, and writing. (Sometimes it’s seemed as if these concepts have been contemplating me, too, since the questions often came unbidden.)

The truth of whatever problem I am cogitating usually comes to me whole as I walk in the desert, but my current idea has come…

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After This Death, There Will Be No Other

After This Death, There Will Be No Other

A friend and I talked last night about the themes of our lives, and he mentioned that a theme of my life seems to be taking care of the dying. First there was my mother (though I was not her principle caregiver, I did help when I could). Then there was my life mate/soul mate. And now there is my father. It seems as if I’ve been fighting with death for more years than I care to remember, but this…

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Hunting the Wild Moon

Hunting the Wild Moon

Last night I walked a mile out into the desert to watch the moon rise. 7:32 pm — the scheduled time — came around, and no moon. I stood for a few minutes wondering what could have happened to it (a moon is a pretty big thing to lose), but then I saw a hint of light behind a hill. Over the next few minutes, the diffused light grew more pronounce, and several minutes later, a huge orangy-yellow…

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Sunrise? Sunset?

It rained yesterday, bringing a bit of needed coolness to the desert. Last night for just a few minutes, the clouds lifted long enough to brighten the sky and I was able to take this photo.

moon rise

No, it’s not the setting sun. It’s the rising moon. Truly a super moon!


Pat Bertram is the author of the suspense novels Light Bringer, More Deaths Than One, A Spark of Heavenly Fire, and Daughter Am I. B…

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The Next Step — Hospice

The Next Step — Hospice

My father’s nurse came and discharged him from the nursing service today. It’s not so much that he’s doing well but that they can’t do more for him — they are a temporary service to help recently hospitalized people learn to deal with their infirmities and the various aids necessary to keep them going. My father really doesn’t have any such aids except oxygen, which he’s been using for several…

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The Most Compelling Images

The Most Compelling Images

The most compelling images seem to be those that somehow mirror ourselves, or at least our image of ourselves. At it’s most basic, this mirroring is why humans buy magazines with other humans on the cover, and why the animals we most bond with have the cuteness of a human baby, with wide-set, round eyes, and generally a round face.

I didn’t realize that I was prey to such subconscious mimicry,…

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